SOME OTHER NEWS FROM THE BALKANS – Fake it till you make it

Political and social outline of many countries has in the last few years been shaped by fake news. This phenomenon is a slap in the face of anyone searching for even the basic freedom of information. The question is, though, if this slap is going to be stunning or act as a wake up call.
We discussed the background of the problem with Filip Janevic, a politician from Macedonia, a country where this rising trend seems to be a welcomed opportunity for young people to earn some money. Djordje Krivokapic, executive director of SHARE foundation, analyzed for Remarker the role of trends, citizens and media in fake news narratives. Information accuracy is instrumental when we are choosing who to vote for and which option deserves our support. We spoke to Aleksandar Gavrilovic, a political director of CRTA, about his experiences with Instinomer, an initiative that was set up precisely for this purpose - to measure the truthfulness of information circulating around us.

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